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VERDI talks about the trends for this 2022.

At VERDI we are the creators of unique rugs that combine natural fibers with selected materials. In our workshop, we weave contemporary textiles while remaining loyal to the Colombian artistic practices under which our studio was founded.
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VERDI in the week of art and design in the city of Los Angeles.

Frieze is one of the most influential contemporary art fairs in the world, which has its origins in London in 2003. Due to its importance, in 2019, Frieze opened its first edition in Los Angeles at Paramount Pictures Studios, and now This fair takes place every February. This year, the fair will take place from February 17 to 20 in downtown Beverly Hills, where there will be the presence and participation of many artists and designers from different parts of the world. For the first time, VERDI will be part of this fair, presenting its unique pieces of interior design, fashion and art. 
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From unusual fiber rugs to 'Collectible Design' pieces. VERDI innovations in design and interior design

Following its DNA, VERDI is constantly researching new ways of working with natural fibers and textiles. In this way, not only does it continue the development of its traditional crafts, but it is also venturing into 'collectible design', a contemporary category of interior design and art in which luxury and innovation are decisive in creating collectible design pieces that are closer and closer to the world of art. 
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VERDI shares five unmissable international fairs to be at the forefront of the art, interior design and fashion scene

Just as VERDI has shared five renowned fairs in which it has participated, it does not want to fail to report on another five of great relevance for fans of textile fibers and fashion. 
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6 outstanding places where VERDI is present with its uniquely designed rugs

In hotels, offices, design projects and other spaces, the VERDI rug stands out with its interior design and exhibits its expertise in the use of natural fibers.
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Five interior design projects in which VERDI has left its mark

In the contemporary world, textiles have in their innovative essence the need to find an outstanding style that is of common taste and that manages to be a trend. To achieve this and make different projects fashionable, VERDI has intertwined natural fibers with metals to create pieces such as curtains, rugs and table accessories.
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5 tips when choosing a rug and elevate your space.

When you want to furnish a house, it is necessary to take into account both the functionality of the furniture and its aesthetics, since the ideal is to live in a practical and pleasant space. To comply with this, VERDI, thanks to its expertise in designs, manufacturing techniques, use of materials and interior design concepts, gives 5 tips that must be taken into account when choosing a rug. 
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VERDI an authentic and innovative textile studio

What makes VERDI an authentic and innovative textile studio in the world of interior design, art and fashion?

With its three pillars; interior design, art and fashion, VERDI reinvented Colombian weaving traditions and created a new concept, “exceptional crafts”. VERDI began its path developing luxury designs, always staying true to sustainable practices and its family legacy; Carlos Vera Dieppa, a pioneer in textiles who dared to intertwine natural fibers with contemporary materials.


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VERDI in Amangiri

VERDI's most iconic and symbolic piece, the Tree of Life, was exhibited at Amangiri, a luxurious hotel in the middle of the Utah desert.


Aman is a renowned chain of luxury hotels, with presence in the most paradisiacal and inspiring places in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the Caribbean. The Amangiri hotel in Utah, United States is located in the middle of desert, and melts between the isolated wilderness of the Colorado Plateau, where there is nothing but endless, wondrous scenery. Amangiri is an oasis of modern and luxurious suites with an architecture that perfectly takes advantage of the characteristics of the arid terrain and on imposing view. Andyou are fascinating hotel offers ato experience beyond luxury, just like VERDI.

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VERDI at Salone del Mobile 2022.

VERDI seeks that, more than an exhibition, the textile labyrinth is a sensory experience that envelops the spectators in the atmosphere of the VERDI Universe.

One of the most important exhibitions in the world of design is held in Milan. Salon del Mobile has positioned itself as one of the fairs where most of the trends in the interior design industry are determined, which will be in force during the rest of the year. This fair is attended by brands full of talent and a lot of innovation.

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