Our studio excels in crafting homeware textile pieces that intertwine natural fibers with contemporary materials, including copper, stainless steel, and acrylic. Each textile we create tells a story woven with the finest Latin American fibers and the unique skills of our artisans. We take pride in showcasing the beauty of Latin American craftsmanship and upholding the legacy of Colombian artistry. Our home collection features items such as rugs, wall coverings, window coverings, and accessories, all exceptionally handcrafted and designed to be art pieces for interior spaces.


We are the creators of a unique type of rug that combines natural fibers with select materials to create contemporary textiles, remaining faithful to the Colombian artistic practices upon which our company was founded.Our rugs are entirely custom-made in the design, color, and size desired. Clients can choose from materials such as fique, alpaca wool, horse hair, acrylic, and stainless steel. Fique, our main fiber, is sustainably sourced from a plant native to the Andean region of Colombia.


Our exquisite handwoven textiles are made from locally sourced natural fibers such as Amazonian yaré, plantain fiber and cumare. Often intertwined with stainless steel, silver plated and copper threads, they mimic and reflect sunlight in unique spaces all over the world. Clients can choose from eleven weave options in any combination or materials to create tailored pieces such as shades or curtains.


Discover the finest natural fibers of Latin America with VERDI's collection of wallcoverings. Original blends of alpaca and mulberry silk fibers, sourced from Perú, deliver a unique sophistication to any space, while our local plantain fiber and lustrous jute add the perfect touch of elegance through texture and tone. Last but not least, VERDI's most emblematic Colombian fiber, fique, derived and treated in the region of Santander, adds character and depth to all design projects. An ode to Colombian craftsmanship, Natural Wallcoverings continues VERDI's signature exploration of natural fibers, transforming each into versatile pieces that are at once distinctive and inviting.


Our home accessories collection is a series of interior decor accessories that include pillows, placemats, coasters and other items. All pieces are handwoven in our workshop in Bogotá. Whilst our center pieces are available in 100% copper threads with straw boning, other accessories can be woven both in stainless steel and copper threads that are often intertwined with natural fibers such as yaré, cumare or plantain fiber.