VERDI, is a Colombian textile studio that reinvents traditions, weaving pieces of interior design, fashion and art, noted for taking them to the most luxurious spaces in the world; under the premise of exceptional and sustainable craftsmanship, highlighting its artisans as a pillar of the operation.

The company has structured mechanisms that allow the satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties, through the application of quality standards, monitoring and control of processes.

Due to the above, we have committed to comply with the client, legal and other requirements that the organization subscribes to, guaranteeing the necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management Systems.



  1. Satisfy the expectations of the clients by means of the fulfillment of their requirements and internal follow-ups that manage to strengthen the added value of the company.
  1. Strengthen the skills of VERDI's human talent, executing strategies that encourage the development of the company's personnel.
  1. Continuously improve VERDI's quality management system through process measurement control.
  1. Improve the VERDI artisan product through the identification and implementation of actions.


VERDI DESIGN SAS, a company dedicated to the manufacture of natural fiber rugs, aware of the importance of providing its direct, indirect and contractor workers with physical, mental and social well-being, as well as healthy and adequate work environments, establishes within its priorities the implementation of a Safety and Health Management System at work, which seeks continuous improvement and a commitment to the execution of the objectives:

  • Act in accordance with the legal norms in force in Colombia and applicable regulations.

  • Identify the hazards, evaluate and assess the risks and establish the respective controls in order to prevent the risks that cause work accidents and occupational diseases.

  • Continuously seek to improve the performance of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System SGSST.

  • Encourage the participation of all levels of the organization to carry out promotional and prevention activities, and guarantee that all the people involved in the activities of VERDI DESIGN SAS work in complete safety.

  • Appoint those responsible and allocate the human, physical and financial resources necessary for the management of Safety and Health at Work.

The successful implementation of this policy requires the full commitment of all VERDI DESIGN SAS collaborators in a relentless spirit of continuous improvement, which is why we promulgate the following commitments that apply to all direct and indirect personnel who provide services to the company:

  • Comply with the guidelines established by the company regarding Safety and Health at work, in order to carry out safe and productive work.

  • Participate in the activities scheduled within the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

  • Timely report all those conditions that may generate consequences and contingencies for employees and the organization such as Unsafe Acts and Conditions, Health Conditions that may be affected by the performance of their duties, Incidents and/or accidents at work.

  • Keep the workplace in perfect order and cleanliness.

  • Use Personal Protection Elements as provided for each area.

    Any direct or indirect worker or contractor who fails to comply with the provisions of this policy will be subject to disciplinary measures.