VERDI talks about the trends for this 2022.

At VERDI we are the creators of unique rugs that combine natural fibers with selected materials. In our workshop, we weave contemporary textiles while remaining loyal to the Colombian artistic practices under which our studio was founded.

Rugs are the most used decorative elements in interior design thanks to their versatility and variety of designs, as they are capable of transforming any space giving them elegance, comfort, warmth and style. These They are fundamental elements for the design of any environment, since they unite a great variety of aspects, not only the decorative and that of providing comfort, but also allow floors and walls to be seen as an extension of works of art in homes, companies, hotels or any space where they are.  

Choosing a rug is thinking of a piece of art that will be located on our floor or on our walls and that is why in order to make the right decision, elements such as color, texture, style, quality and use must be taken into account. what will be given to them. In the case of VERDI, this textile company's proposal is to create high-end handmade rugs, using a universe of textures, colors and patterns that turn these decorative elements into truly unique works of art.

Due to the great variety of options that exist today, it is of great importance to know how to choose the right rug for each place, since care must be taken not to overload the environment and avoid colors or textures that do not suit the identity of the space. . For this reason, the VERDI universe wants to make you aware of the rug trends for 2022 so that you can get a little more involved in this wonderful textile world. 

The first trend for 2022 is known as "Antique Aesthetic", which pays homage to the classic and traditional style but without neglecting the contemporary style. This trend seeks to find vintage and modern pieces in the same space, which generates a unique and special visual effect. It seeks to return to vintage-style rugs and blend them into spaces with modern furniture. This trend is inspired by the aesthetics of Persian rugs, for which our CASABLANCA fabric, designed by the VERDI universe, achieves a similar effect. 

The second trend is "Muted Neutrals", which aims to give prominence to rugs in neutral colors as these tones are really versatile, elegant and classic. This proposal has a great advantage and that is that by opting for neutral colors it allows the rugs to be easily adaptable in any environment since these colors will look good with any style of decoration. For this proposal, the VERDI universe has many options that can work, because by using natural fibers such as fique and alpaca that perfectly follow this line of colors. An example of this trend is our DAÚ or KANASPI designs. 

The third trend is known as "Geometric Patterns" which has as a proposal to give prominence to rugs with geometric designs because these figures, despite being striking and very different, are subtle enough not to distract attention from other important pieces that they find. in the same space. The wide range of VERDI fabrics offers a diversity of geometric patterns that can cause this visual effect, as evidenced in the ALUNA or MEDIUM DIAMONDS fabrics. 

As a fourth trend is "Flat-Woven Rugs" which proposes flat woven rugs that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces due to their durability and resistance. Their way of elaboration guarantees that they can last over time and in turn the designs will give style and elegance to the spaces where they are found. If you want to make a long-term investment, flat-weave rugs are the perfect option. The VERDI Universe has the AES collection, rugs that are made with a flat fabric accompanied by bronze bars distributed throughout the rug, which makes it a very elegant and innovative design. 

Finally, there is the trend known as "Focus on sustainable and ethical" in which the development of sustainable and ethical textiles is sought. The purpose of this is that the pieces created, in this case the rugs, are created from responsible practices both with people and with the environment. The main objective is to reduce in the manufacturing phase the negative effects that can destroy the environment. The VERDI Universe is proud to know that one of its pillars is sustainability, which is why we fit perfectly into this proposal.