VERDI in the week of art and design in the city of Los Angeles.

Frieze is one of the most influential contemporary art fairs in the world, which has its origins in London in 2003. Due to its importance, in 2019, Frieze opened its first edition in Los Angeles at Paramount Pictures Studios, and now This fair takes place every February. This year, the fair will take place from February 17 to 20 in downtown Beverly Hills, where there will be the presence and participation of many artists and designers from different parts of the world. For the first time, VERDI will be part of this fair, presenting its unique pieces of interior design, fashion and art. The VERDI textile studio will have the opportunity to publicize its main source of inspiration that gives life to each of its works made with textile fibers, which are made by Colombian artisans. 

Parallel to the Frieze fair, VERDI will have its own activation at the Bridge House, an architectural work designed by architect Dan Brunn. This is a unique and innovative work whose structure traces a bridge over a natural stream. The house has more than 1,300 square meters and is a demonstration of innovative systems in sustainability and processes with a vision of the future. This house is an iconic place within the art gallery industry in Los Angeles and it will be a space in which the VERDI Universe will exhibit its most emblematic pieces of interior design during this city's art and design week.  

VERDI will take over Bridge House to exhibit interior design pieces that are a true work of art. Among these pieces will be found “the Tree of Life”, which is the icon of this textile studio and the heart of VERDI. This piece will travel from the Utah desert where it was exhibited for the first time outside of Colombia, to be presented in Los Angeles. However, this will not be the only work of art that will be released. In order to envelop this space with the essence of the VERDI Universe, there will be an exhibition of two completely unique and innovative rugs that are inspired by Colombian fauna. 

The VERDI Universe created "La Coral", an irregular and curved rug that simulates being the Coral snake, which is a species that lives in the Caribbean north of Colombia. This snake is mainly recognized for its color pattern that varies from bicolor to tricolor with rings on its scales, among which black, white and red stand out. 

In each of VERDI's works of art, the deep connection with nature is reflected. Both the VERDI Universe and the architect Dan Brunn use this surrounding connection as the protagonist of their works, because as Van Gogh said: “Keep your love for nature, because it is the true way of understanding art more and more”.