From unusual fiber rugs to 'Collectible Design' pieces. VERDI innovations in design and interior design

Following its DNA, VERDI is constantly researching new ways of working with natural fibers and textiles. In this way, not only does it continue the development of its traditional crafts, but it is also venturing into 'collectible design', a contemporary category of interior design and art in which luxury and innovation are decisive in creating collectible design pieces that are closer and closer to the world of art. 

VERDI began its projects using different natural fibers intertwining them with some platinum-plated metals to mainly produce rugs. The result and the continuous exploration of this technique has been excellent, and has made VERDI a pioneering workshop in the work of high-quality textiles. Thanks to this, Tomás and Cristina Vera have opted to continue their passion for design and extend the offer of manual textile work to the world of art. It is for this reason that today VERDI has some pieces that are part of the important Collectable design category.  

Currently, collectible design is positioning itself as a forceful category in the art scene, interior design and the international market. All the workshops, designers, artists or companies that are related and up-to-date with design are beginning to understand and work on this concept. But what exactly is collectible design?

In order to understand the concept, VERDI considers it necessary to differentiate, albeit in a basic way, between design and art. So, we will say that design initially has the intention of creating objects with practical and functional utility, while art is based on the emotional and subjective response of whoever contemplates the work. However, these differences in the contemporary world have become less tangible as design has also turned to the aesthetic and emotional side of the consumer. Precisely because of the new trends and the evolution of both design and art, concepts such as 'collectible design' have emerged. 

Now, when we talk about this category we have to take both the basic principles, that of art and that of design, and add some specific and fundamental characteristics. For example, collectible design pieces are unique or belong to a limited collection, different from mass production. Also, the pieces are created to question and challenge the classic concepts of design, they are built using materials different from the traditional ones, and in addition, they demand a poetic design full of content and meaning that can sometimes relegate functionality to the background. In this way, the novel and rare sculptural pieces acquire that particularity of correlation between the process and the material that makes them collectible and belonging to this growing category. 

At VERDI, the development of new pieces works under the creative direction of Tomás Vera, who creates conceptual and totally unique pieces for design galleries and collectors. For VERDI these designs are always a personal and poetic effort, which reflects the state of mind of a contemporary artist and his vision of the demands of a new generation. Collectible design is based on this, on a correlation between the new progressive artists and the history of design with its traditions.   

VERDI's designs that fall into the collectable design category are mainly pieces such as hammocks, tapestries and some backpacks, which are objects that have taken on new meaning in recent years. Thanks to this understanding and development of work in this new category, VERDI continues to demonstrate why it is a pioneer in everything related to interior design, and offers a broad portfolio in the field of design and art.