6 outstanding places where VERDI is present with its uniquely designed rugs

In hotels, offices, design projects and other spaces, the VERDI rug stands out with its interior design and exhibits its expertise in the use of natural fibers.  

The VERDI interior design workshop has gained popularity thanks to its unique design proposals, and today it is often chosen to help develop the decoration of personal spaces and projects such as hotels, warehouses and offices. This is why some rugs are today displayed in entrance halls, business and reception rooms.

Next, we will share 6 of the most relevant places where VERDI provides contemporary and luxurious design. 

We will start with the hotels in the most colonial city in Colombia, the capital of Bolívar, the beautiful and historic Cartagena de Indias. In it, due to the affluent tourism and its luxurious historic center, high quality hotels have been positioned that have resorted to VERDI designs and pieces. At Amarla Boutique Hotel, one of the best places to stay within the walled city, 2 VERDI rugs are on display. In the room Toucan there is a Rhomboid woven rug, made of natural fique and 100% copper, and in the room Heron y Parakeet there is also one made of natural fique and 100% copper, although with larger rhombuses. In what was the first hotel of designer Silvia Tcherassi, which unfortunately had to close its doors in 2020, there was also a VERDI piece. In this glamorous hotel, in the entrance hall, hung on the wall like a piece of art, there was a rug woven with large diamonds in natural brown fique fiber with copper. 

In Bogotá, there are also hotels that decorate with VERDI rugs. At the Click-Clack Hotel located in the north of the city, they enjoy a rug of Susu fabric in blue horsehair and copper threads. This Hotel He has won international awards such as the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017, in the categories Luxury Modern Hotel, Luxury Design Hotel and Luxury Boutique Hotel, thanks to the way of consuming their own spaces and the good taste to decorate. Finally, in the hotels section, we will mention one at an international level: The Triton Hotel located in the city of San Francisco, United States. This is an important hotel, which is located on Grant Avenue where the three most popular neighborhoods of the city converge: Union Square, Chinatown, and the Financial District, and that, thanks to the Art Exhibits it has, has become famous. From the moment the visitor enters the hotel, he is greeted by a spectacular lobby with common areas decorated with different pieces by local and international artists. It has, for example, a collection of Nigerian Yoruba crowns, a collection of Embera masks, a mural from the 1940s by the artist Jhon Oshanna and two VERDI rugs: one made of Rhombus fabric in gray fique fiber and 90% stainless steel with 10% copper, and one of Rhombus fabrics in gray fique fiber and stainless steel.

We know that offices aim to provide pleasant and adequate spaces to give comfort and motivation to the worker. For this reason, the We Work company in Bogotá offers shared work spaces with a variety of high-quality services and luxurious decoration. We Work has an impeccable supply of furniture, which is why it was ideal and precise to use VERDI rugs. This North American company has four VERDI mats in Bogotá. A Rhomboid woven rug in natural fique, and three Kanaspi fabrics, also in natural fique. 

VERDI also has a presence in the Middle East, in the White Walls stores in Beirut, Lebanon. This is aThe company of three entrepreneurs who decided to create a space that would house a selection of furniture and design pieces chosen by hand. This is a project in which VERDI has been able to position itself and deliver several rugs. today in White Walls there are five VERDI rugs exhibited: one Autumn fabric in white fique and 100% stainless steel, one Rombos fabric in brown fique and 100% copper, another Kanaspi fabric in blue Tayrona fique fiber and 20% copper, one M's fabric in black fique fiber and 100% copper and finally one woven Rhombuses in natural fique fiber with 90% stainless steel and 10% copper. 

In addition to these spaces, VERDI participated in the Chanel Bogotá event and in the Santa María architecture project, from the Escalar group. For this reason, each work of the brand is adapted to the needs of the client, demonstrating the versatility of the Colombian textile studio. Although there are many more spaces with which VERDI has collaborated, these are only 6 of the most outstanding between Colombia, the United States and the Middle East