VERDI an authentic and innovative textile studio

What makes VERDI an authentic and innovative textile studio in the world of interior design, art and fashion?

With its three pillars; interior design, art and fashion, VERDI reinvented Colombian weaving traditions and created a new concept, “exceptional crafts”. VERDI began its journey developing luxury designs, always staying true to sustainable practices and its family legacy; Carlos Vera Dieppa, a pioneer in textiles who dared to intertwine natural fibers with contemporary materials.

It is commonly said that great changes do not happen overnight, and this is surely because behind each one of them there is a whole story of effort, work and passion. This is why all the processes of those who build the present of the textile industry should not be overlooked. Behind the attractive present and the encouraging future that VERDI brings to this sector, there is an amazing family history that makes its work unique in the world of interior design and fashion. 

The living spark that triggered the sequence of events in this story was Carlos Vera Dieppa's immense interest and passion for textiles. He, aware of the abundant natural and cultural wealth of the country, ventured to explore the national territory. Open, determined and using his innate ability to detail, he got together with coffee sack weavers, and in this way he investigated until he managed to develop a valuable and unusual weaving technique that made him a pioneer of textiles in all of Latin America. In this way, Charlie paved the way for the material and conceptual renewal of the modern textile industry, which would put this valuable knowledge into practice a few years later and not initially as he would have wanted. In 2010, after his death, his children Cristina and Tomás Vera managed to establish a symbolic and spiritual bond with him, by creating VERDI, the interior design studio, which has managed to continue the legacy and complete the work begun by Vera Dieppa , surnames from which the name of the VERDI brand is composed.

The designs of the textile studio have achieved the brand's own visibility at a national and international level, and have also positioned Colombia as a country at the forefront of design and fashion. VERDI has managed to reinvent and enhance traditional Colombian techniques, with its design, use of innovative materials, and its exceptional conceptualization of luxury. An example of this is the well-known colombian backpack, which VERDI has reinterpreted in bucket bags and other forms made from banana fiber, organic silk, acrylic and platinum-plated metals, making clear the combination of materials traditionally used in handicrafts, with contemporary and striking elements. Another example is the rugs, which are made to measure in design, color and size, under Colombian artistic practices. In addition, they are also woven with selected materials such as horsehair and acrylic. These rugs are unique and leave as a result a work with artistic value, luxurious and modern. In this way, it is evident that under the direction of Tomás Vera, each of the compositions is a symbolism of Colombia, in which the process is always a poetic and deeply emotional effort.

The aforementioned material and physical characteristics of the VERDI designs are the result of the most attractive and efficient mixes between materials that are part of an inherent connection of identity with the creative core of the studio, since, as stated at the beginning, VERDI is the continuity and technicalization of those first steps that Charlie took in the exploration between tradition and novelty. With this in mind, for VERDI the components of its works are essential, and the production processes have been developed based on the best possible handling of these materials, taking into account ethical business processes. This is why, from the extraction of the raw material, through manual weaving, to the completion of each piece, the hands of expert Colombian artisans are present, who in the VERDI workshops use an impeccable technique in the best working conditions. and in an always positive environment. In addition, the work processes are carried out based on the conscious and sustainable approach that VERDI has to creativity. As it does? With a series of eco-friendly dyes that it developed to guarantee the well-being of those who dye, give the fibers greater color durability and leave no ecological footprint. Likewise, VERDI tries to give circularity to the residues of textile fibers, be it by developing new pieces, making decorative samples or even making donations to local artists.  

In the end, and after going through the practices and meaning of VERDI, we can realize that there are 3 specific reasons why the studio stands out in the field of interior design, art and textile fashion. The first is due to its own history, the family legacy and the innovative technique of intermingling materials that Charlie left to his son Tomás and his daughter Cristina, who through VERDI managed to give continuity to the essence of a family passionate about textiles. The second reason is due to the innovative and luxurious pieces of art they make. The interior design workshop is at the forefront of design, and has had the ability to transform both materials and traditionally handcrafted Colombian pieces, in an exceptional and luxurious way. The third and last reason is the quality of the processes of extraction, elaboration and reuse of the material, which is accompanied by optimal practices with its workers and with the environment.  

It would be enough to visit the VERDI Showroom to realize its brand identity, which is built in collaboration with Colette Studio, and is an authentic local design experience. To close, Tomás Vera once said about VERDI: “I don't want to be featured. VERDI is not me. It is the artisans, the designers, the amazing marketing, sales, and administrative teams. It is a family legacy. It is Colombia and its traditions. And this is what we want to bring forward to the world.”