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VERDI in Amangiri

VERDI's most iconic and symbolic piece, the Tree of Life, was exhibited at Amangiri, a luxurious hotel in the middle of the Utah desert.


Aman is a renowned chain of luxury hotels, with presence in the most paradisiacal and inspiring places in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the Caribbean. The Amangiri hotel in Utah, United States is located in the middle of desert, and melts between the isolated wilderness of the Colorado Plateau, where there is nothing but endless, wondrous scenery. Amangiri is an oasis of modern and luxurious suites with an architecture that perfectly takes advantage of the characteristics of the arid terrain and on imposing view. Andyou are fascinating hotel offers ato experience beyond luxury, just like VERDI.

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VERDI at Salone del Mobile 2022.

VERDI seeks that, more than an exhibition, the textile labyrinth is a sensory experience that envelops the spectators in the atmosphere of the VERDI Universe.

One of the most important exhibitions in the world of design is held in Milan. Salon del Mobile has positioned itself as one of the fairs where most of the trends in the interior design industry are determined, which will be in force during the rest of the year. This fair is attended by brands full of talent and a lot of innovation.

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