Terms and conditions

By purchasing VERDI products, the customer declares that he knows and accepts the following commercial conditions:


  • 1. The delivery of the Products will be made only through the main entrances (building gates, main access door to the home, etc.) and not through windows, balconies and / or any other access that is not the main one.
  • 2. The client is responsible for resolving special delivery situations and circumstances that limit the delivery service, such as, but not exclusively or exhaustively: climbing the façade, stairs, small elevators, among others that do not conform to the dimensions either. of the product purchased by the customer.
  • 3. The special delivery circumstances and limitations that exist for delivery through the main access points must be communicated to VERDI at least four (4) days in advance, in order to evaluate whether it is possible to provide the delivery service and logistics for it. The client may choose to contract this service with VERDI, understanding that it is an additional service, absolutely discretionary by VERDI. Either way, the additional costs and risks will be borne by the client and will be notified to the client by VERDI.
  • 4. When elevators are available for delivery, it is the customer's duty and burden to compare the dimensions of the elevator and / or stairs with those of the product purchased, in order to notify VERDI of the need to adjust logistics to special delivery circumstances. , if this is the case.
  • 5. When only stairs are available for the delivery of products, VERDI reserves the right to provide the delivery and installation service in the place where the product will be available, for which it will assess the existence of risks of damage to the products or the staff.
  • 6. The price of this order includes a single delivery transportation route.
  • 7. For national shipments, which are made with carriers, VERDI, is not responsible for ensuring that the product is delivered in a place other than the reception or lobby of the delivery address established by the customer.
  • 8. Any additional transport to the one initially included must be assumed by the customer and canceled before delivery, when the cause that frustrates the delivery is not attributable to VERDI.
  • 9. The installers and / or the carrier will wait a maximum of thirty (30) minutes after their arrival at the address indicated by the client at the agreed time and date. After this period, if the delivery has not been made, the client must choose between coordinating the dispatch again and assuming the costs associated with the new delivery or picking up the product at the VERDI facilities.
  • 10. To coordinate the delivery of the order, VERDI requires as a requirement that the customer has previously fulfilled his obligation to pay the entire value of the order. The payment will be considered effective when it is confirmed by the bank and the client must send the payment receipt to the advisor in charge of the transaction.
  • 11. The client declares that the walls, walls and in general structures where the installation of the products will be carried out comply with the technical qualities necessary for said installation and therefore VERDI will not assume any responsibility when the client lacks the duty to inform on special circumstances such as pipes, electrical networks or any other against which damage could be caused, in this case, the client must assume all the costs that are generated on the occasion of this and agree to hold harmless and free from any civil, criminal liability or of any kind to VERDI for this concept.
  • 12. Likewise, the client waives any type of claim, demand, compensation, cost, damage and / or prejudice to: damages due to accidents, material damage, physical damage or third parties in relation to the damages that could be caused when the conditions installation have not been optimal or previously communicated to VERDI. In the event that the installation generates risk for people, the facilities or the product itself, VERDI may refrain from carrying out any installation or delivery of the products, without this causing any breach on the part of VERDI. In this scenario, the Client may choose between the following alternatives:
    • i. Authorize VERDI for the product to be delivered to be deposited at the main entrance or access, where it does not generate risks and assume the installation of the product on its own, without this being considered as a breach by VERDI.
    • ii. Authorize VERDI for the product to be returned to VERDI's dispatch facilities, assuming the transfer and installation on its own and exonerating VERDI from damages or losses caused to the product, goods or people during the transfer and installation of it.
  • 13. VERDI estimates to deliver the products in the times stipulated in the order form, however, the client knows and accepts that since they are products manufactured in a 100% artisanal way, exclusive and tailored to the client's needs, it is Situations may arise that may postpone the estimated delivery date of the products purchased for up to thirty (30) days, without this being considered as a breach by VERDI that gives the customer the right to terminate the contract or exercise a right of retraction, in the cases in which the law allows to waive said right or does not contemplate it.
  • 14. Once the customer is informed that his order is ready for delivery, the customer has a term of ten (10) days to receive his order, and must indicate the date and hours in which he can receive the order. If after this period the client does not make the payment of the pending balance and does not receive their order, the client will incur an additional cost of three percent (3%) per month of the total sale price of the order as a storage surcharge and proportional according to agreement with the number of days in which the client does not coordinate the dispatch of this. This surcharge will have to be paid by the customer before the products are dispatched, once the shipping date is agreed.
  • 15. Once the delivery of the product is completed, the customer will sign a delivery certificate that reflects the delivered product, the time and day of delivery, as well as any anomaly or defect that is eventually identified.


  • 1. The guarantee policy of the products purchased by VERDI will be subject to the parameters of Law 1480 of 2011 and the rules that modify, supplement or regulate it, and especially the following conditions.
  • 2. When defects are found in the quality of the products, the client may make a written request for the effectiveness of the guarantee addressed to VERDI, indicating the product data and attaching the invoice, and attaching photographic or film evidence of the damage or defect due to which is intended to make the guarantee effective, through the following means of communication to obtain a file number for your application: (i) In person, at the VERDI facilities at Carrera 69 P # 78 - 67 Barrio Las Ferias , in the following business hours of 8:00 am at 5:00 p.m. (ii) By email addressed to the following address servicio.cliente@verdi.com.co. (iii) By calling the telephone line (350) 811-2884. VERDI mats and backpacks have a 1 year warranty.
  • 3. For customers who are in Bogotá, the mat has a free maintenance within the first year of the same.
  • 4. Once the request is received, VERDI will proceed with its review, and via email within five (5) business days we will inform you if the change or guarantee is appropriate or not.
  • 5. If the exchange or guarantee proceeds, we will continue with the shipment of the new product to the address registered in the purchase process. In case there is any difference in the value of the new piece, proof of the extra payment must be sent in advance. The cost of this shipment must be paid by the customer.
  • 6. The exchange or guarantee procedure will be carried out within a maximum term of thirty (30) business days for fashion pieces and from six (6) to eight (8) weeks for interior design pieces.
  • 7. Due to our artisan process and the irregularity of our materials, it is possible to find slight variations in the color and / or structure of the pieces. Please note that due to our artisan dyeing process, the final colors may vary slightly. These small variations are characteristic of this craft and are not considered a defect.


  • 1. The products marketed by VERDI are personalized products and the customer will not have the right to withdraw or cancel the purchase for free, except in the cases provided for in article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011.
  • 2. However, if the client, after placing a purchase order that does not comply with the provisions of article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011, cancels his order in whole or in part, it will be in favor of VERDI by title of damages previously appraised, the value received in advance.


  • 1. In accordance with article 51 of Law 1480 of 2011, the client will have the right to reversion in the cases provided by law.


  • 1. By signing this document I AUTHORIZE in an express, voluntary and informed manner to Verdi Design S.A.S. with NIT.- 900641188-0, so that the information provided or generated in the development of commercial relationships is collected, stored and used for the following purposes; (i) as an element of analysis to establish and maintain a contractual relationship and to carry out market studies or commercial or statistical research, (ii) as a tool to offer its own products or services or those of third parties, which includes shipping mail offering products, sending text messages and sending physical catalogs. The owner, by signing this document, declares that he was clearly and expressly informed of the following: (i) the treatment to which his personal data will be submitted and the purpose thereof; (ii) the optional nature of the answer to the questions that are asked, when these relate to sensitive data or to the data of girls, boys and adolescents; (iii) the rights that assist you as the owner; and (iv) the identification, physical or electronic address and telephone number of the Data Controller.
  • 2. The treatment of all the data provided by the client to VERDI will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, Decree 1377 of 2013 and the regulations that complement, modify or replace them.