Present in almost every world mythology, the “tree of life” not only embodies creation itself but also resonates with ancestry and our connection to the past. At VERDI, it symbolizes our Creative Director’s enduring bond with his late father, upon who’s legacy he built the brand, and all whilst emphasizing on VERDI’s material identity through the tree’s copper-woven trunk and fique fiber threads in the foliage.

Fourteen people worked on the tree for almost five months weaving and twirling copper around the straw boning in the trunk, and later sewing non-spun and non-dyed fiber to its branches to create its leaf-like robustness. This mesmerizing piece brings back Colombian craft and reinterprets traditional techniques in a way that has never been done before.


“The VERDI Showroom”, built in collaboration with local architecture firm Colette Studio, is nothing less than an immersion into cultural indulgence. Not only is it built from a heartwarming legacy of both family and traditional Colombian craftsmanship, but it also echoes our belief that exceptional, sustainable craft is today’s ultimate luxury.


Resting behind contrasts in an unassuming and industrial neighborhood in the city, the exhibition space in our 400m2 warehouse is meant to be experienced in stages.

First, there’s the tunnel.  The handwoven, 100% copper rug ceiling and the fiber floor in our entrance tunnel represent our brand’s core: the mix of fiber and metal; the traditional and the contemporary.

An initial sense of confinement when crossing the tunnel quickly gives way to an open, generous space that plays in with the textures and metal flashes in our homeware, fashion and art pieces, all of which embrace our powerful brand symbol: VERDI’S Tree of Life. Hanging over visitors’ heads is this fantastic, almost Seussian tree; the center piece of The VERDI Showroom.

Overlooking the tree and accessed only by an Amazonian-fiber spiral staircase, is a stylishly crafted mezzanine.

From here, every single detail in the showroom -from the vertical garden and the cocktail bar in one end to the hanging textile installation in the other- may be taken in.

This view, better served with a nice warm cup of Colombian coffee, is an invitation to design connoisseurs and design travelers worldwide, as it represents everything that our design studio seeks to be: an ode to Latin American and international design.