Five interior design projects in which VERDI has left its mark

In the contemporary world, textiles have in their innovative essence the need to find an outstanding style that is of common taste and that manages to be a trend. To achieve this and make different projects fashionable, VERDI has intertwined natural fibers with metals to create pieces such as curtains, rugs and table accessories.    

The passing of the years brings with it new aesthetic demands, and to meet them, professionals from various sectors work to renew cities and the spaces that make them up. The most obvious transformations at first glance occur from architecture, which is inevitably accompanied by interior design. It is logical that an exterior renovation has an interior complement. In this way, both parts, exterior and interior, are necessary to form a true contemporary experience of design and luxury. Hotels, universities, hospitals, business buildings and private projects are the ones that have mainly renovated their structures with imposing and sometimes futuristic constructions. Builders and designers seek to partner with experts in interior design to round out their projects and achieve the aforementioned coherence. 

Based on this, in recent years, important firms have looked to VERDI to develop the internal decoration of large projects, because the interior design work that VERDI has been carrying out with its exceptional and luxury crafts responds to the needs of the project, and they set a trend in Colombia and internationally. 


Between 2020 and 2021, VERDI collaborated on different projects of design and architecture firms recognized around the world, among which the following should be highlighted: 

  1. Foster + Partners, an English architecture, urban planning and design studio, based in different cities around the world such as London, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Dubai, Bangkok and Buenos Aires. VERDI in 2020 collaborated in the PMK project, in Russia, with the design of rhombus mats intermingling sisal fibers with copper. For this same firm, VERDI is working on some interior design pieces for the Red Sea Airport, in Saudi Arabia, which will start in 2021. 

  1. Fox-Nahem, is a private interior design company that was born from the union between Joe Nahem and Tom Fox. This company stands out for being able to interpret and find the needs and tastes of its clients, it has carried out projects for recognized people such as the Jacqueline Kennedy's house. Fox-Nahem has also completed renowned architectural projects for private clients, of which VERDI delivered a gray fique fiber mat with 100 percent stainless steel. 
  2. Design Studio 15, is an interior design firm that works for the decoration of homes, commercial places and supports architectural details. This firm based in Orlando, Florida, has been recognized as the Pro-Remodeler of the Year`s 40 under 40. For a private client of this studio, VERDI made a Luma wood rug and white natural alpaca. 

  1. Hinojosa Design Studio, is also an interior design firm founded in 2000 by Carolina Hinojosa and located in Miami, Florida. This company focused on maintaining masterful proportions, using luxurious materials and taking care of every detail, is recognized for its impeccable results. For them, VERDI delivered a Daú mat made of fique fiber and one hundred percent copper. 

  1. One of VERDI's most recent projects is with the architectural and design firm of Peter Marino. Peter Marino Architect PLLC is based in New York, and works with brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior. For the latter, VERDI, through Peter Marino, designed a Kanaspi rug mixing natural white alpaca and fifty percent stainless steel. 

As has been seen, VERDI has worked with renowned design firms within the world of interior design. The studio of the brothers Tomás and Cristina Vera has managed to position itself within the interior design sector thanks to the fact that the textiles they create express luxury and elegance. This is why renowned companies have noticed VERDI's work and fit it into projects that demand contemporary design. Finally we can see how VERDI is contributing to the world of fashion and the contemporary renewal of design with pieces such as rugs. The foregoing, because the VERDI textile studio is enhancing the artisan tradition by mixing it with contemporary design.