VERDI in Amangiri

VERDI's most iconic and symbolic piece, the Tree of Life, was exhibited at Amangiri, a luxurious hotel in the middle of the Utah desert.


Aman is a renowned chain of luxury hotels, with presence in the most paradisiacal and inspiring places in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the Caribbean. The Amangiri hotel in Utah, United States is located in the middle of desert, and melts between the isolated wilderness of the Colorado Plateau, where there is nothing but endless, wondrous scenery. Amangiri is an oasis of modern and luxurious suites with an architecture that perfectly takes advantage of the characteristics of the arid terrain and on imposing view. Andyou are fascinating hotel offers ato experience beyond luxury, just like VERDI.

That is why GIVEN developed a replica, on a smaller scale, of the Tree of Life to expose it in the middle of the luminous canyons of this desert. The textile studio VERDI is based on three pillars: interior design, art and fashion to create exceptional and sustainable pieces. Principles that coincide withto vision dand the Aman hotel chain, celebrate thoughtful design and to offer a luxury experience.

The Tree of Life, symbol of VERDIis made up of the union between natural fibers and metals, the main materials used in the study, and in his imposing sculpture that it was for the first time exposed outsidethe territory Colombian. This piece It is about 5 meters high, its branches are made of hand-combed white fique, and its base is made of 100% hand-woven copper, which gives it the structure of the trunk. 

VERDI seeks to collaborate with brands that coincideand in ideals and ways of thinking about craft design Y sustainable. for VERDI an exceptional and sustainable craft process, is the most authentic expression of luxury. Amangiri gave money, it's a oasis where time stands still and silence prevails, the comfort and luxury through an authentic and deeply emotional design experience. The tree of the INidasymbol and background de VERDI, resume the idea of interior design and material identity ofhe study. display this piece outside the borders of Colombia for the first time, is a way to celebrate cultural magic and  inheritance of the traditions of our country.